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Parents’ Choice Silver Award 2012

Creative Child Preferred Choice Award 2012

TRIDIO TWIST – A cleverly cunning cubical conundrum!

A brainteaser so distinctive & versatile, you’ll want to get to know Tridio Twist.

Handsome individual cubes attached with twisting, turning joints. Flexible 3D-shapes are satisfying to flip and spin for sure. All-out captivating as you attempt to recreate the cubical configurations of emerald, ivory & black shown in the Tridio Puzzle Book.

Scan the two-dimensional designs pictured, and set your mind & hands in motion!

Modify the three maneuverable shapes. Consider the color placement. Stack the Tetris pieces. Check your progress. Bring images to life in three-dimensional structures.

It’s all in a day’s play with Tridio Twist.

Flip. Twist. Flip. Turn. Twist. Stack. Nope.

Twist. Twist. Wrong piece. Pick another. Flip. Twist. Stack. Flip. Shift. Stack.
Missing a white. Darn. Flip. Stack. Add on. Flip. Flip. Shift emerald. Stack.
Aha! A genius in the making!

Work your way through the Tridio Twist puzzle book's 48 visual challenges.

When you stay the course, alter the obvious, and overcome the limited boundaries of your thinking - then and only then, you’ll become a master of Tridio!

Tridio Twist Brainteaser

  • Easy-to-handle visual-spatial brainteaser; Unique challenge that's hard to beat!
  • Twist, flip, shift & stack - 2D images become 3D structural fun
  • Test your spatial insights & logical thinking
  • Dramatically improve brain power
  • 1 Double cube
  • 1 Triple cube
  • 1 Quadruple Cube
  • 48 visual challenge puzzles



Tridio Twist

Item #: FA065
UPC: 182129000717
Suggested Retail: $19.95
Current Status: In Stock
Country of Origin: China
Item Weight: 0.7 lbs.
Item Dimensions: 10.0" x 6.8" x 1.0"
Case Pack Qty: 10
Case Weight: 7.8 lbs.
Case Dimensions: 14.8" x 11.0" x 8.0"