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Of course a great idea is only the
first step, but every journey
begins with the first step! Such is
the story of the Fat Brain Toy Co.

In January of 2006, multi-channel toy retailer Fat Brain Toys had found it increasingly difficult to find what it deemed "great toys" - those toys that are inherently stimulating, open-ended, and intuitive. So with notebook and pencil in hand, Fat Brain Toys co-founder Mark Carson began sketching several toys that he hoped would fit that criteria. One of those sketches would eventually become the award-winning Dado Cubes.

From that single product, that first step, the Fat Brain Toy Co. was formed to develop creative, mind-expanding toys, games and gifts for the specialty toy industry.

Since that time, the company has developed a number of critically-acclaimed products including Dado Squares, The Learning Calendar, Brain Food, and Twig - with many others in various stages of development.

Are you an inventor?

Fat Brain Toy Co. is actively seeking "great ideas". If you have a toy or game concept that you'd like to see developed by us, please fill in the fields below and we'll contact you promptly with the next steps...but remember - it always starts with a great idea!

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